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It begins with a measuring tape

Preparing to do a new poured concrete patio.

Spanish guy measuring for new deck

Everything is laid out for you- you need not use your imagination.  The exact profile of the forms is there- and we'll be happy to make requested changes.

We want your stamped concrete patio to make the neighbors jealous!

Poured & Stamped Concrete Patios

Stamped Patio , new

Looks like stone, huh?

Stamped Concrete can do that.

Stamped  Concrete Patios

Concrete Driveway

NO Slate was used

Stamped concrete walkway

This is entirely cast concrete, stamped.

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Brickwork Repairs

Missing a few bricks?  We not only do Stamped Concrete Patios & Concrete Driveways, we also do masonry and stone work throughout Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and environs.

We will be grateful for your calls.

Firepits & Patios

Fire pit Made of concrete

We can build you a new firepit- either on or in your existing patio, or a newly made stamped concrete patio.


Concrete finishes

Are almost unlimited.  Dye is set INTO (not on top of) the  concrete- making it an integral part of the stone.